ParamCrop: Parametric Cubic Cropping for Video Contrastive Learning


The central idea of contrastive learning is to discriminate between different instances and force different views from the same instance to share the same representation. To avoid trivial solutions, augmentation plays an important role in generating different views, among which random cropping is shown to be effective for the model to learn a generalized and robust representation. Commonly used random crop operation keeps the distribution of the difference between two views unchanged along the training process. In this work, we show that adaptively controlling the disparity between two augmented views along the training process enhances the quality of the learned representations. Specifically, we present a parametric cubic cropping operation, ParamCrop, for video contrastive learning, which automatically crops a 3D cubic by differentiable 3D affine transformations. ParamCrop is trained simultaneously with the video backbone using an adversarial objective and learns an optimal cropping strategy from the data. The visualizations show that ParamCrop adaptively controls the center distance and the IoU between two augmented views, and the learned change in the disparity along the training process is beneficial to learning a strong representation. Extensive ablation studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed ParamCrop on multiple contrastive learning frameworks and video backbones. Codes and models will be available.