Towards Real-World Visual Tracking with Temporal Contexts

Aug 22, 2023ยท
Ziang Cao
Ziyuan Huang
Ziyuan Huang
Liang Pan
And Other 3 Authors
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Visual tracking has made significant improvements in the past few decades. Most existing state-of-the-art trackers 1) merely aim for performance in ideal conditions while overlooking the real-world conditions; 2) adopt the tracking-by-detection paradigm, neglecting rich temporal contexts; 3) only integrate the temporal information into the template, where temporal contexts among consecutive frames are far from being fully utilized. To handle those problems, we propose a two-level framework (TCTrack) that can exploit temporal contexts efficiently. Based on it, we propose a stronger version for real-world visual tracking, i.e., TCTrack++. It boils down to two levels: features and similarity maps. Specifically, for feature extraction, we propose an attention-based temporally adaptive convolution to enhance the spatial features using temporal information, which is achieved by dynamically calibrating the convolution weights. For similarity map refinement, we introduce an adaptive temporal transformer to encode the temporal knowledge efficiently and decode it for the accurate refinement of the similarity map. To further improve the performance, we additionally introduce a curriculum learning strategy. Also, we adopt online evaluation to measure performance in real-world conditions. Exhaustive experiments on 8 wellknown benchmarks demonstrate the superiority of TCTrack++. Real-world tests directly verify that TCTrack++ can be readily used in real-world applications.
In IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence